The items you see here are all 3D printed tools and accessories that get the job done and do it for a considerable cost savings over their commercially available counterparts.

Items are in stock and ready to ship, unlike other 3D printing businesses that don't print your order until it is received, causing delays in getting your order shipped out to you.

Take pride in knowing you are purchasing an American made part and from a business that supports our 2nd Amendment rights!

  • EZ-AR Gas Block Roll Pin Jig

    This is THE easiest way to install and remove the roll pin from a low profile AR-15 gas block and it's here and ready to ship now!

  • Glock floating wall mount

    Wall mounts and racks

    We are working hard to expand the line of wall mounts and mag racks, eventually leading up to an entire armory system for your gun room!

  • Vise Blocks

    More of the popular magwell vise blocks are being designed and printed every day, including some innovative tools to clamp your slide in a vise!



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Everything you see in our store is proudly designed and manufactured right here in the United States of America.

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We stand behind! everything we make and sell.

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Custom products

If there is something you want or need and you don't see it in our store, send us an email and we will work with you to design and manufacture a new product that fits the bill.