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AR Ejector Tool

AR Ejector Tool

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If you've ever tried to remove or install the ejector roll pin from your AR bolt, you know that, without a tool, the ejector and spring can go flying out, never to be seen again.

Enter the 3DGearGuy AR ejector tool...

This simple tool allows you to place tension on the ejector, making it easy to knock the roll pin out with a 1/16" punch.  The pin is caught in the pocket at the bottom of the tool, so it's not getting lost after removal.  Once the pin is removed, tension can be backed off and the ejector and spring will stay in place.

Similarly, during assembly of the bolt, it becomes necessary to keep tension on the ejector so that you can install the roll pin.  Simply insert the spring, line up the ejector, and place the bolt in the tool.  Turn the handle to compress the ejector, and now your hands are free to install the roll pin.

The tool itself is notched so that the bolt can't spin while you remove or install the roll pin, and the semi-open design allow you to visually confirm everything is lined up when using the tool.

Designed, manufactured and assembled right here in the USA!


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