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Magwell Vise Block For Glock 9mm .40 and .357 models

Magwell Vise Block For Glock 9mm .40 and .357 models

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Magwell vise block for all double stack 9X19, .40S&W and .357 Glock firearms.

This block will secure your Glock in a vise and keep it in place with the magazine catch without damaging or scratching any of the surfaces. This is a high quality, 3D printed plastic vise block for use with the above listed pistols. It will support the firearm in a vise while allowing you to work on your firearm.

***As with any firearm tools, please follow all safety guidelines and consult with a qualified gunsmith before performing any modifications on your firearm. We are not liable for damages or personal injury resulting from use or misuse of this tool. ***

Color of the item you receive may vary. If you have a specific color request, please send me a message prior to ordering.

***No firearms or firearm parts are included. You are purchasing only the armorer’s vise block.***

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